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With Ezymigrate, you can store complete client files in one place such as emails, file notes, your daily tasks, due dates, visa application forms, correspondence with clients, correspondence with case officers, scanned documents, invoices, and more. You can also save time and staff costs with increased accuracy and compliance. Ezymigrate makes every aspect of processing an immigration case and application easier and faster.

Is Ezymigrate a New Zealand-based company?

Yes, we are New Zealand-owned and operated software developers. Our legal NZ business name is Small Business Online Solutions Ltd, and we trade as Ezymigrate.

Can I access my account from any computer?

You can access Ezymigrate from any computer. It is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, a robust and highly secure cloud computing solution. This means it can be accessed wherever you are in the world provided you have a computer and an internet connection.

What browsers do you support?

The currently supported browsers are:

a) Internet Explorer

b) Google Chrome

c) Safari

d) Firefox

What can I expect from the free demo?

One of our experts will arrange a one-hour virtual meeting at a time that is convenient for you. In that meeting, you will be shown how the system works and how it can benefit your business. Your expert will also answer any presales or technical questions that you might have.

Where do you store my data?

Ezymigrate is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. In other words, all your data is safely stored on Microsoft’s secure servers located in different data centres around the world.

Microsoft takes its data security and data privacy very seriously. To find out more about Microsoft's privacy policy, click here: Privacy Privacy

Do you provide any support?

We provide full support to all our clients. If you run into difficulties or need help with anything you should contact a member of our team. They are experts in the software and are always here to help. To get support please send us an email to [email protected].

How secure is Ezymigrate?

Ezymigrate is very secure. In fact, the system runs on the Microsoft Azure platform so all client data is held at an enterprise level Microsoft datacentre that runs backups every 10 minutes. As a result, Microsoft is responsible for 80 percent of Ezymigrate’s security.

What are your policies on confidentiality and how do you protect the privacy of your customers’ data and the data of their clients?

Ezymigrate is a New Zealand-based company so complies with all NZ laws regarding online privacy. In addition, we use SSL encryption technology to protect user data while it is in transit between a user’s device and the datacentre. The Microsoft datacentres that host Ezymigrate also use encryption.

Is it possible to manage invoices, send invoices, manage receipts, send receipts, and manage accounts through Ezymigrate?

Yes, of course. It takes less than a minute to create and send an invoice or receipt.

Is it possible to send invoices and receipts in stages?

Ezymigrate has comprehensive invoicing and receipt generating features that includes the ability to email, download, and print professional and attractively designed invoices and receipts.

Is it possible to send a single deposit invoice and then send stage-by-stage receipts as tasks are completed?

Yes, off course. Ezymigrate’s flexible accounting system lets you send a single invoice to a client and then gradually send receipts as you complete various stages of your service.

Is it possible to invoice users without using a stage-by-stage invoice and receipt methodology?

Yes, that’s possible too. Immigration advisers can easily send invoices and receipts for any amount. Ezymigrate offers complete flexibility so you can send invoices and receipts stage-by-stage or using any other procedure you need.

Apart from sending invoices and receipts, what else can this system do?

Ezymigrate helps immigration advisers fully manage client accounts by maintaining a complete record of incoming and outgoing documents, communications, and more.

In addition, it keeps a record of the source of each payment – for example, where the payment is deposited to, or which bank account it is sent from. It also displays a complete accounts flow so you can see at a glance incoming and outgoing transactions on a per client basis over a set period of time. This makes it much easier to complete reconciliations at the end of each month.

Ezymigrate is also integrated with XERO. This means you can create invoices in Ezymigrate and push them to Xero. The system will automatically update, including creating a new Xero contact if required.

How else does Ezymigrate comply with the IAA?

There are many other ways Ezymigrate complies with IAA regulations as the system was built according to IAA guidelines. For example, the questionnaire feature is suitable for visit, study, work, and residence visa applications. It collects all the information the IAA requires from your clients at the click of a button. Within seconds this updates the client’s file in Ezymigrate so you ensure you keep a complete record of all information submitted to you by your clients.

What happens to my data if I stop using Ezymigrate? How can I access my client information?

We have a very easy to use export function in Ezymigrate that lets you export all client data at the click of a button. You can also download all documents by using the export function in the documents folder.

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Prior to Ezymigrate, I was doing things the old fashioned way. I looked at a number of CRM systems but none were specific for the NZ immigration advice industry. Ezymigrate has been great...

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We were introduced to Ezy Migrate early in 2016 and choosing to change to this software has proved to be the right decision. The software streamlined all the different client management systems...

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Ezymigrate is an ideal solution for the efficient management of customer information, a key requirement for the immigration advisory industry. It stores your customers' information electronically so it can...

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Harshita Dreams Immigration Services Ltd

The processes required for INZ are lengthy and time consuming and for people who work independently, it can be a tedious task. I always wondered whether there was such software in NZ that would...

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Ezymigrate is an innovative solution for LIAs and lawyers that has helped us in immensely reducing the time that was used to be spent in managing our clients’ data, logging conversations, accounts, reminders and much more...

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